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Jan 19, 2023


3 min

Trigger Open Feedback in Slack

Scheduling weekly Slack messages that ask team members for anonymous feedback can be a powerful tool for companies looking to increase diversity of thought, improve team engagement, and reduce employee turnover.

We will touch on this later in this blog, but first we have some news to share! 🍻

Introducing Weekly Triggers

We are excited to announce a new feature - Weekly Triggers that does just that - it allows teams to schedule weekly Slack messages that ask for anonymous feedback - in various ways - anonymous posts, replies, polls, shoutouts and whispers.

Weekly Triggers are sent to a channel and look like:

Weekly Trigger in Slack

Note that @channel is being mentioned only if the Notify channel checkbox is checked.

You can easily enable it for your Slack workspace:

  1. Make sure you have OpenSay installed, if not - click "Add to Slack" at
  2. Sign-in with Slack at and scroll to the Weekly Triggers section.
  3. Add new Weekly Triggers, it is quite self-explanatory:

Weekly Triggers

Feel free to reach out to us or schedule a demo for help if needed.

Uses-cases for Weekly Triggers

  1. Increase employee engagement by asking for feedback.
  2. Prompt weekly Ask-Me-Anything, All Hands and Town Hall sessions.
  3. Weekly reminder for voicing sensitive issues with OpenSay's Whispers.
  4. Weekly reminder for giving OpenSay's Shout-outs.
  5. ... you get the point 😉

Why Triggering Anonymous Feedback is Important

One of the key benefits of anonymous feedback is that it allows for sensitive or unpopular voices to be heard. Many team members may be hesitant to share their thoughts and ideas openly due to fear of retribution or backlash from their colleagues. Anonymous feedback allows these individuals to share their perspectives without fear of negative consequences, which can lead to a more diverse range of ideas and perspectives within the team.

In addition to increasing diversity of thought, anonymous feedback can also improve team engagement. When team members feel that their opinions and ideas are valued and heard, they are more likely to feel invested in the success of the company and the team. This can lead to increased motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction among team members.

Anonymous feedback can also help to reduce employee turnover by identifying issues and concerns that may be causing team members to consider leaving the company. By gathering anonymous feedback, companies can gain insight into the experiences and perspectives of their team members and take steps to address any issues that may be causing dissatisfaction.

Another key benefit of anonymous feedback is that it can improve the frequency of harassment reporting and whistleblowing. Many employees may be hesitant to report harassment or other misconduct for fear of retaliation. Anonymous feedback can provide a safe and secure way for team members to report these issues without fear of negative consequences.

Finally, anonymous feedback can be a valuable tool for extracting insights from the team. In All Hands, Ask Me Anything, or Town Hall sessions, anonymous feedback can provide candid and honest input that can help to identify areas of improvement, areas of success, and areas of concern.


Overall, scheduling a weekly Slack message that asks team members for anonymous feedback can be a powerful tool for companies looking to improve team engagement, increase diversity of thought, reduce employee turnover, and extract more insights from the team. By creating a safe and secure environment for feedback, companies can gain valuable insight into the experiences and perspectives of their team members and take steps to address any issues that may be impacting the success of the team and the company.

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