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OpenSay makes use of some third party services (subprocessors), which have access to limited personal customer data. These subprocessors support the core offering of the OpenSay service.

Subprocessors provide services such as cloud infrastructure, email, file storage, analytics, user support, and payments processing.

Before engaging a subprocessor OpenSay kreviews the security and privacy practices of the subprocessor and if applicable takes additional steps to ensure a high standard of privacy practices.

OpenSay currently uses the following subprocessors:

Subprocessor Service provided Location
Google Cloud service provider, Email, File Storage, Analytics United States of America
Paddle Payments processing United Kingdom
Cloudflare Compute, Threat prevention, Content distribution, domain name resolution United States of America
Sentry Error tracking United States of America Inc. Analytics, Business Intelligence United States of America Customer Support abd Chat France

All subprocessors are certified under the EU - US privacy shield.

Over time, OpenSay may seize the usage of a certain subprocessor or add a subprocessor if we believe that it will enhance our ability to deliver the OpenSay service. We will periodically update this page to reflect additions and removals to our list of subprocessors.

For more information about OpenSay privacy, please view the Privacy Policy.


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